How To Treat A Hot Glue Gun Burn

How To Treat A Glue Gun Burn

Cold water.

Skin affected by molten hot melt should be plunged into cold water immediately and left until the burning sensation subsides. If no tap is accessible have a bucket of clean cold water available. If fingers are coated with hot melt, move them to prevent a tourniquet effect as it cools.

Remove with care.

Do not remove the adhesive when molten as it could remove skin leaving a raw wound. Even when solid remove with care as this may still occur.

Olive Oil or Liquid Paraffin.

If difficult to remove, with medical approval, olive oil or liquid paraffin should be soaked into a cotton wool pad and placed over the affected area. This will slowly soften the adhesive into the pad. When hot melt is removed treat as a normal burn.

Solid cold hot melt is harmless to the skin. Wash hands with soap and water.

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