Fire Retardant Hot Melt Adhesive

Tecbond 7786FR is a brand new polyamide adhesive with UL-V0 flammability rating.

A polyamide based hot melt glue stick that can be applied with a glue gun, Tecbond 7786FR has been formulated for bonding materials used in electrical and electronic applications. It can be used for potting, encapsulating, component stabilisation, wire attachment and as a general purpose adhesive for PVC, PC board and many other materials used in electrical and electronic equipment.

Polyamide based hot melt adhesives form tough, shock resistant bonds. They have excellent upper and lower heat resistance, good chemical and water resistance, and act as good thermal and excellent electrical insulators. Tecbond 7786FR has an upper heat resistance of 135ºC (275ºF) and remains flexible down to -35ºC (-30ºF). It is translucent amber in colour and has a medium open time of around 15-30 seconds, depending on the amount of adhesive applied.

Tecbond 7786FR is also fire retardant and meets the UL-V0 flammability rating, making it suitable for use in domestic and industrial equipment that requires a flammability rating. Available in 12mm (½″) diameter glue sticks that are 250mm (10″) long, Tecbond 7786FR is available in 10 stick packs of 250g (9oz), and larger 5kg (11lb) cartons for users that require greater quantities.

Although Tecbond 7786FR will run in most 12mm (½″) glue guns, it is recommended that it is used with a good quality 12mm (½″) gun such as the tec820. Adjusted to its highest operating temperature, the tec820-12 glue gun will easily melt the Tecbond 7786FR and will run accurately at the set temperature. Dispensing the adhesive quickly and reliably at the correct temperature will maximise bond strength, reduce stringing and speed up the application.

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